Resources and Stories For New and Experienced Foster Care Adoption Parents

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Home Study (Part 1)

It is such a scary concept, the thought of someone sorting through your life to figure out whether you’re fit to be a parent. It may be called a “home” study, but it’s honestly a study of you and your partner as people. There is so much that goes into this, and so I have…

The Foundations Class

I have been through two rounds of the certification course. The first time my partner and I thought about fostering, we were 21 and wanted to know more about it. We signed up for the 8-week course at the local DHS office. It was rough. Just like any class, you get out of it what…

Love At First Thought

The first thought is the deepest. Not the maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I’m referring to the first time you truly thought about adopting from foster care. What were you feeling in that moment. For me, it was anxiety. The kind of anxiety that breeds knots in the stomach and aches in your heart.…

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