Love At First Thought

The first thought is the deepest. Not the maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I’m referring to the first time you truly thought about adopting from foster care. What were you feeling in that moment. For me, it was anxiety. The kind of anxiety that breeds knots in the stomach and aches in your heart. The kind of anxiety that makes you want to jump for joy while your stomach climbs your throat. My partner and I always knew we wanted to adopt. My reasons stem back to my own adoption story, when I left a system that both failed me, and saved me. Her reason? Never once, in her life, has she said the words, “I want to birth a baby.” That being said, she has always known she wanted to adopt. For us, our son was love at first thought, and so are his future siblings.

Not everyone’s story is like ours, obviously. I’ve met people with all types of stories about what drew them to adoption. In fact, for some, adoption was never a part of the plan until they had issues conceiving. No matter what their reason is, these parents all fell in love with the children. When we first thought about adoption, we browsed the internet for hours looking for information. What we found was that most of the stories and articles we found were on infant adoption or international adoption. That’s why we started this site. To share our journey, and give a raw look into the process for people who need it. If you have a question or topic you would like us to cover, send us a message and hit subscribe! May love bless your family ❤

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